We offer something that others cannot, Enterprise level methodology and solutions on a budget. We offer highly completive rates and solutions. We take the approach that no problem is too big or too small, or not worth fixing. We fit the right solution to your needs, not ours. We find solutions and correcting issues when others have given up, and we do this affordable.

We offer complete system analysis, looking where many overlook.

Enterprise Level security and IT doesn't require a lot of money or a ton of staff or you to be a large company. We can offer you top line system and security analysis of your systems policy and network.

We can provide Vulnerabilities Assessments covering Web, Network, and Computer security. Why pay for services that you don't need, we can give you accurate information and help close any issues that we find. Your image on the can make or break you, without you even knowing about it. Trivial things like misconfigured mail servers, web servers or even ftp servers can cost you. We focus on what you need to address, not things that are of no value focusing on.

We can do the basic services or get complex; including custom installing and configuring firewalls and VPN solutions or install IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) on your network. No job to small. Everything we do we can do in confidence for you, customized for you and your needs..

Security is important, and we want to help you. We have the experience and talent to protect your assets.


We have several solutions that may help you ASAP. Tell us what you need, and we can configure it for you. These are quick solutions that we full support and manage for you if needed. We will configure the hardware and software, test, scan and provide reports on the system, ship it to be installed or install it for you.

Things we can do for you:

Firewalls, customized hardened OS

High Security Rules Base Optimization

Exchange 2000, 2003 2007, 2010, 2013, Office 365 installations and migrations

Remote Access/VPN -PPP/PPTP/IPSEC, Multi Part/Factor Authentication, Secure Wireless Configuration

CISCO, HP, Palo Alto Networks: Firewall/Proxy configurations, Networking Equipment

Virtual Servers: ESXi, Hyper-V, XEN, Conversions/Migrations to and from, Cloud

Backup/Disaster recovery

Windows Server 2000 thru 2016 installations and migrations

Windows Workstation Deployment & Configurations

Linux Workstations & Servers

Data/Network Policies,Configuration Management

Vulnerabilities Assessments, Wireless Scan and Mappings, Penetration Testing, Wireless Sniffing

Physical Security, Security Configuration, Secure Wireless Configuration

Testing & Verifications of Systems, Processes and Procedures

These are just a few things we can do for you.


At JohnnyQ.US, we have 20+ years of experience in computer system support, from servers and networks to security and web.

Installing firewalls, (various vendors), IDS systems, Network assessments, Anti-Virus protocols, web site security, e-mail encryption, system integration and assessments.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, large privately held companies and small businesses. We tailor our services to you, as you needed, not as we see fit. We offer low rates for initial consultations and reviews.

Some of the companies/groups we have worked with: US ARMY SSGT Major’s Academy (Ft Hood), Oracle/Microsoft, Apple, Milacron, State of OHIO, GE, P&G, Dallas Cowboys, Clear Channel

Our area of coverage is basically anywhere in the world. We are located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, which make us centrally located in the US. We have worked on issues in the USA, Canada, Germany, England, Iraq, Afghanistan and several other countries.

We keep up with the latest security issues and have contacts in all the industry and underground, which allows us to be proactive to security threats instead of reactive.

Our main partner, John Quigley II has been a security expert on several TV news shows in the Cincinnati, Ohio market, and 700 WLW (Mike McConnell and Bill Cunningham shows) dealing with computer security and related issues.

Experienced with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, from creation of standards to implementation and verification. Trusted source for your network needs.



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