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   We offer our talents and services to bring you the best quality service that we can. We solve issues that many others would quit on. We do this for an affordable rate, and with the end goal in site, your complete satisfaction.
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Computer Security is normal forgotten about. Employees consider the computer on their desk as there personal equipment. In many cases the employee will install software for instant messaging, Internet Relay Chat, or personal P2P software. There is many exploits that would any hacker/cracker to take remote control of your user's computer, even if the software is running or not.

Network Security is a wide area of coverage. The network is the life blood of your business. If an intruder gets access to your internal network, and it is not properly secured, you will be at their mercy. There is so many ways that they can get access and cause damage. Even if they don't get access, a worm or virus can cause tons of damages to your internal servers and network. Corrupted data on a file server can cause delays in processing orders, paying bills and even payroll issues.

Web Security is a critical misunderstood area. Your website and e-mail are your companies biggest asset that is highly visible and very vulnerable. If your e-mail or web/ftp site is comprised, it can be very embarrassing , and cost you thousands of dollars in lost business opportunities, not including trust of your customers and potential customers.

Here are some of the things we look at: (Short list)

OS Configuration
Hardware Configuration
Software Configuration
Computer System Use Polices
File System/E-mail Protection
System Updates
Vulnerabilities Assessments
HTTP/FTP Servers/Services
Protected Web sites
Server resource Allocation
Business related secure site
Server Configuration
System Protection
Client Based software
Strategies for Protection



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